False Indigo (OG) False Indigo (OG)
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False Indigo (OG)

Certified Organic
Amorpha fruticosa

Weak stemmed thornless nitrogen fixing shrub growing to 10-20’. Used in permaculture designs. Crushed fruit is used as a condiment. Tags: Specialty: Wind Resistant, Certification: Organic.

Native to most of North America. Has been cultivated since the 1700s.

How to grow false indigo from seed, cutting

Direct seed in the spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Scarify seeds or crush pods. Soak seeds in warm water overnight. Strain off the seeds from the pods and sow immediately. If no germination stratify at 40˚F for 30 days and repeat. Start indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost, plant out after frost. Propagate by cuttings in the spring or summer. Also known as desert false indigo. Soil pH 6.1-8.5. Hardiness zones 4-10.

Days from maturity calculated from the date of seeding. Average 2,980 seeds per ounce. Usual seed life: 3-5 years.

Planting Depth 1/4”
Soil Temp. Germ. 70-75˚F stratify
Days to Germ. 30-60 scarify
Plant Spacing 20”
Row Spacing 40’
Days To Maturity 2 years
Full Sun, Wet Climate