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Explore New Varieties.

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Get More and Pay Less,Explore New Varieties.

525 Organic Varieties

850 Open Pollinated Varieties.
All Seeds You Can Save.

850 Open Pollinated Varieties. All Seeds You Can Save.

Farm-Direct Seeds

Buying farm-direct here gives a family farmer 5–10 times more earnings than when you buy from a traditional seed catalog. We are the Family Farmers growing your seed, thank you for buying direct from us.

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How to Germinate Your Perennial Seeds

Perennial Seeds May Need a Winter - Dormancy Germination varies by plant type. Perennial seeds often contain germination inhibitors, abscisic acid, dormin, waxes and other oils. This is nature's way of ensuring seeds germinate when conditions are optimal. The techniques below are for perennial seeds only, do not use these techniques on annual or bi-annual pl...  Read more

Tilling, Organic Weed Control [video]

Restoration Seeds' farm 1949 Allis Chalmers G with Buddign Basket Weeder. For gardeners and small market farmers - Organic standards prohibit the use of synthetic herbicides but allow a range of physical tools and natural herbicides as elements of an integrated organic seed management program. These are usually used with cultural controls such as crop rotation ...  Read more

Zone Tillage for Vegetable Farmers [video]

Zone Tillage in an innovative time-saving method because you only have to make one pass to prepare a crop. Instead of plotting and discing, you disturb approximately 6–8" wide band for planting. It works better in cooler climates like the Northeast and Midwest than no-till. Zone tillage works well with large seeded vegetable crops including sweet corn, beans an...  Read more

Spring is on its Way - Good Growing!

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