Jerusalem artichoke (OG) Jerusalem artichoke (OG) Jerusalem artichoke (OG) Jerusalem artichoke (OG)
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Jerusalem artichoke (OG)

Certified Organic
Helianthus tuberosus

Grown for edible corns or bulbs, eaten raw or cooked like carrots. Can be grown as temporary summer screen. Tubers withstand moderate freezing and can be left in the ground and harvested as required. Leaves stalks on until harvest. They will out yield potatoes in dry and poor soils. High in iron. People who cannot digest inulin, the starch characteristic of sunroots, may experience digestive upset when consuming. Also known as sunroot and sunchoke. Tags: Specialty: Deer Resistant, Season: Summer, Certification: Organic.

Cultivated as food plant by Native American Indians. Delicious jerusalem artichoke recipes.

Companions: corn

How to grow jerusalem artichoke from division

An easy plant to grow by dividing corns or bulbs planted out directly in fall or early spring. Plant laying sideways. Pink-white sprout from the wide end will grow up and the thinner roots will grow down. Well cultivate soil to maximize yield. Late planting reduces yields. Divide in late fall or spring. Do not let bulbs dry out before planting. Rodents will relocate the corns around during the winter, new plants will pop up where they leave their caches. Good weed competitor once established, fast growing plant and forms dense shade. Semi-difficult to remove once established. Plants rarely grow seed. Best stored in soil to prevent drying out. Not shipped outside the U.S. Soil pH 5.1-7.8. Hardiness zones 4-10.

Planting Depth 2-3”
Soil Temp. Germ. 45-55˚F
Days to Germ. 10-17
Plant Spacing 12”
Row Spacing 24-36”
Days To Maturity 150
Part Shade, Moist Well Drained