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Caseknife bean


Safe Seed Pledge
Phaseolus vulgaris
Annual, Pole
35 seeds

This bean is one of the oldest in America, dating back to at least the 1820's. Unique blistered leaves. Has long, rough, green flattened green striped pods on tough, prolific vines. Give this one a strong trellis, it climbs to 9 feet, and get ready for a big harvest. I like to French cut these beans to make them more tender. Harvest bean pods when younger for best taste and texture, before any bean seeds develop. Tags: Pole, Season Mid, Bi-Colored, long, Summer.

How to grow bean from seed

Direct sow after last frost when soil tempt is about 70˚F. Beans are sensitive to cool soil and will rot if soil temps are below 55˚F. Sow bush snap beans every 2-3 weeks until mid summer for a continued harvest. Sow pole beans from late spring to very early summer. Sow pole beans 3 seeds per hole, 8" between hole and trellis rows 4' spacing. Thin to 6-8" apart. Beans are susceptible to numerous diseases, avoid wetting foliage, remove plants at the end of the year, practice 4-year crop rotation. Save each year's seeds in separate containers. Crossing is not apparent until the next generations. Soil pH 6-6.8. Hardiness zones 5-13.

Days from maturity calculated from the date of seeding. Average 30-65 seeds per ounce. Federal germination standard: 70%. Usual seed life: 4 years. Isolation distance for seed saving: 1/2 mile.

Planting Depth 1-2"
Soil Temp. Germ. 70-95˚F
Days to Germ. 3-7
Plant Spacing 2-3"
Row Spacing 12"
Days To Maturity 65
Full Sun
Moist Well Drained