About Selling Your Seeds

Consign Your Seeds

50 percent of the retail packet price after credit card fees. Restoration Seeds prints packets and fulfills with your bulk seed. Provide enough seed to fill 25–50 plus packets. We buy a lot of seed but some growers want the higher 50 percent consignment margin vs. just 3–5 percent of the retail packet price when selling in bulk.

Easy Listing

Quickly list your seeds on the List a Seed page, it only takes a few minutes. Minimum of 10 Listings. Growers who list more varieties receive more orders. We have found that listing 30 to 50 varieties is optimal to receive routine orders. We can accept new species submissions until about January 1st before the busy shipping season starts. After that, please hold new species not listed in the store until the fall.

Bulk Worksheet Submission

After you post your first listing and receive approval, you may submit several varieties all at once in bulk. See our List Seeds in Bulk page.


We offer resources to  seed sellers on our Selling Seed Resources page. Our blog The Cleanest Row has new ideas for small farmers and home gardeners. We also offer the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course with seed saving on our farm. New seed growers learn many aspects of the seed business through our Season Internships.

Preserve Open Pollinated Seeds

Open pollinated (OP) varieties are being replaced by hybrids in many seed catalogs or are not being maintained. Restoration Seeds is creating a vital network of seed growers and buyers to preserve OP genetic diversity, the heirlooms of today and tomorrow. If you are a Restoration Seeds customer, thank you for supporting family farmers. Together we are reinventing the seed business from the ground up. We sell what we grow and we know what we sow!

We need to turn the seed business upside down and get growers more of the retail price. — Chuck Burr

6. Photos All photos must be taken by you of the mature plant or fruit that you have saved seed from unless you have indicated the photo is a typical sample from your garden or farm. Photos must be clear closeups of the plant or fruit; not grainy, from a distance or of the seeds. Do not submit copyright, royalty or third party photos. Name the photos by the common name_variety using initial caps. For example, Tomato_AuntRubysGerman.jpg. Files must be in JPG or PNG format between 1 and 2 MB.

7. Labeling The Grower will clearly label the seed common name, variety, taxonomic name (genus, species) and number of seeds in each packet or weight. Optionally, the Grower will include growing instructions. Only seeds certified Organic or Biodynamic can be labeled as such. Seeds grown using "organic practices" but not certified can be labeled as Safe Seed Pledge.