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Turkish Rocket


Organically Grown
Bunias orientalis
50 seeds, Net Wt 1.45g

Deep green large dandelion-like leaves 10-12", steam like spinach or stinging nettles, mild cabbage flavor. Somewhat attractive to bees and butterflies. Young shoots of Turkish Rocket are very tasty, collect in mid-spring before flowering. We sell a lot of this seed but also think gardeners might be happier with Sea Kale and Good King Henry once established as a vegetable plant. Also known as warty cabbage. Tags: Green.

Originated in Southern Russia. Very common in European Russia and and Estonia. Spread through Europe by Russian troops following Napoleon's retreating army, mainly mixed with grain and hay to feed the Russian horses. Delicious turkish rocket recipes.

How to grow turkish rocket from seed

We start ours in undivided flats indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost then plant out after last frost. Good germinator does well in the Pacific Northwest, produces leaves until autumn. Will self-seed in your garden, may become invasive in disturbed soil. Cut seeds heads if you do not want it to spread. Easily propagated by root division after second year. Perennial or biennial plant. Soil pH 6.1-7.5. Hardiness zones 6-11.

Germination in optimal conditions: 60-70%. Usual seed life: 3-4 years.

Planting Depth 3/4-1"
Soil Temp. Germ. 65-70˚F
Days to Germ. 20-30
Plant Spacing 12–18"
Row Spacing 2–3'
Days To Maturity 1 year
Part Shade
Moist Well Drained